RecordAssureā„¢ Electronic Log Device and Hours of Service Reporting

Nova has the best solution ready to meet the FMCSA's new ELD rule

Monitor driving data to track and record the hours of service of individuals drivers

Picture of Powerful Fleet Intelligence

Powerful Fleet Intelligence

Monitor the driving hours with an E-Log, track the GPS location and improve Fleet Management in one solution 

Picture of Driver/Dispatch Messaging

Driver/Dispatch Messaging

Match loads easily with truck schedules. Dispatch directly to truckers and get proof of delivery in seconds.

Picture of Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Get actionable insights and maintain regulatory requirements compliance with on-demand trip reports detailing the hours of service.

ELD / Hours of Service at the best price


Easy Installation and Management

The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) hardware is easily installed to the vehicle to be monitor in an user-friendly online software

Eliminate handwritten logs and paperwork

Completely editable logs with compliance, providing quick access to reports for roadside inspections

HOS Violations Alerts & Auditing

Hours of Service reporting. Single click audit report and Live alerts for both drivers & dispatcher


Load Scheduling & Dispatching

Match loads easily with truck schedulers. Dispatch loads directly to truckers and get proof of delivery in seconds with load images

Reliable Technology at Lowest Cost

Proven solutions to improve efficiency and modular in design. Easily combined with other trasportation solutions

Cloud-Based Software with Alerts

Receive alerts when critical violations are approaching. Easily set up analysis and HOS reporting with 24/7 access.

Special Features


The Perfect Plan

Annual Plan

$239 per year

1 Year of Service per vehicle
Includes Hardware Cost and Shipping
Installation Support/12 Month Support
$19.95 per month starting 13th Month (Month-Month)

includes Hardware/Service

Monthly Plan

$19.95 per month

Monthly ELD - $19.95/Month
ELD Hardware - $60 + Shipping

Discount on multiple devices ordered.

includes monthly Service


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